A. & E. Kreidl
Stein 504
A-6292 Finkenberg
Tel. +43 5285 62666
Fax +43 5285 62666

A warm welcome

If you love your independence and prefer having a whole house to yourself, rather than being cramped in a hotel room, then our 300-year-old vacation farm, restored with loving attention to detail and all the flair of the country, is the perfect place for you!


We follow in the footsteps of our parents and grandparents who, in their day, led a hard farmers' life in order to maintain the farm.
Though today's world is quite different, we continue the tradition, making the farm available to guests looking for a peaceful vacation in a natural setting.

Mountain Holidays

In order to meet the needs of today's guests, 2001 saw us add a wellness area with a Finnish and steam sauna, providing a direct exit out into the snow, along with a private quiet room. Of course, the very best wellness feature is given to us by Nature herself !

Mountain sports - a fountain of youth for the whole body.
Our pure mountain spring water envigorates mind, body and soul.

Exploit the opportunity to the fullest!